• Who Is Curley, The Web Dev?

    Hi, I'm Curley Birdsong. I'm a freelance web designer/developer specializing in front-end development. I started creating and editing web pages in 2001 as a hobby. I create content with the clients' goals in mind.

    Whether you're looking to boost your site traffic, get more sells, or increase your mailing list, I can help. I don't simply offer websites, I offer true business solutions.


    Front-end Development

    I create websites to match the needs of companies, businesses, and personal blogs.

    Wordpress Themes

    I’ll customize the theme of your choice, or create a custom theme if needed.


    I'll optimize your web pages for search engines. This will increase sales, traffic , or any other intended goal you set for your site.

    Site Maintenance

    Keeping a website up to date is very important to ensure speed, how your pages render (appear) in browsers, as well as security. Options are available to achieve this. I will help you choose the option thats best for your business.


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